What is HackCouture?

HackCouture is two things.  A hackathon team and a consultancy.

  1. Team HackCouture was formed in the weeks before the first Seattle Interactive Conference’s Wearable Computing Hackathon.  We love participating in hackathons and decided that we want to continue doing this as a team.
  2. HackCouture LLC is a buisiness formed shortly after we participated in our first hackathon.  The goal of HackCouture LLC is to provide world-class wearable computing products and services.

Who are we?

Adam Smith-Kipnis – Founder

Adam instigates creativity, wrangles hackers and handles audio design.

Erin Weathers – Fashion Designer

Erin creates the custom garments of the team.  She works closely with the other team members to create seamless integration of fabric and electronics.

Daniel Herrera – Bit Shaper

Daniel blurs the line between software and hardware by assisting on hardware design and creating controller systems that communicate with your everyday devices.

Vaibhav Vaidya – Electrical Engineer

Vaibhav handles our custom circuitboard designs, miniaturization, power optimizations and materials design.

Choong Ng – Hacker and Mobile Dev

Choong provides hands on support on the software side of things.  He also provides reality checks on high level strategy.

Phil Kast – iOS Developer

Phil is a lightning fast iOS developer and also provides support through his network of contacts in the tech world.