Our Hackathon Toolkit

Here’s a list of the main tools that we use for competing in hackathons.

Web Services

Asana.com – Asana is a great way for us to track goals and tasks.

Dropbox.com – We use dropbox to share our research, documents, SDKs and more.

GitHub.com – GitHub is what we use for source control.

AdaFruit.com – AdaFruit is a great resource for ordering microcontrollers and other materials.


Metrix Create Space – We love this place.  This is where we go to practice and do 3D printing.


Plantronics – These guys loaned us prototypes and have been very supportive of our continued involvement with wearable computing.

Seattle Interactive Conference – This is the conference that started it all for us.

Raspberry Pi – These folks did a great write up on us!  We also used a Raspberry Pi in our first prototype.

Cypress Semiconductors – Cypress has been very helpful to us.  They worked with us to help us have a better understanding of micro controller programming and have given us sample hardware units to use in our continued development.