Cloud Hoodie Featured in Fast Company! The fabric of this hoodie, built by a team from, is packed with sensors that can help wearers keep tabs on how they move throughout the day. Unlike typical fitness trackers, however, it can also detect a fall, high-velocity impact, or heart-rate anomaly and alert a rescue network. The hoodie helps rescuers locate … [Read more…]

HackCouture in Vegas!

This past weekend, four members of Team HackCouture, Erin Weathers, Daniel Herrera, Adam Smith-Kipnis and Vaibhav Vaidya, flew to Las Vegas to compete against 800 other hackers in the AT&T Developers Summit Hackathon.  When we arrived, we joined forces with Bharat Chatla, an Engineer at Zappo’s and Sankalp Shere, an Engineer with Bing who had … [Read more…]

Some love from All Things Digital and Plantronics

Our friends at Plantronics gave us a shout out and linked to a video of us in their most recent interview with AllThingsDigital.  Thanks Plantronics! “Our expectations are pretty open-minded right now,” Burton said, describing the concept-hardware side as taking a “kitchen-sink approach.” In the long term, the company will pick out the viable candidates … [Read more…]

Thank you Cypress Semiconductors!

Our friends over at Cypress Semiconductors were feeling so supportive of our efforts in wearable computing that they sent us a few gifts!  We’re going to dig into these over the holiday weekend. These include… 1. CY3271-RFBOARD Wireless Expansion Kit 2. CY3271 PSoC® FirstTouch™ Starter Kit with CYFi™ Low-Power RF 3. CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer … [Read more…]

Our Presentation at SIC

This was our final presentation at SIC.  In the middle of the presentation, the power supply fell out of it’s holder and disconnected itself from the glove.  The bluetooth headset went out of range and became unpaired with the iPad, and pretty much everything that could’ve gone wrong, did.  The amazing thing was that the … [Read more…]

Seattle Interactive Conference Hackathon

For the Seattle Interactive Conference Wearable Computing Hackathon, we created a mobile gesture detecting fabric glove, as well as an accompanying music game,  in only 18 hours.  Plantronics was on site, and they loaned us a prototype accelerometer equipped Bluetooth headset that we used for “head bang detection.” We took 3rd place for “Best Usage … [Read more…]

RFID Rings

These are a few RFID ring concepts that we created at Metrix when we first got started as a collective.  We wanted to get a better understanding of RFID tech and figure out how fast we could iterate on 3D printed designs.  These rings were remixed from MMaxsu.